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So the car loan of the company comes without a loan calculator. bank is known for flexible loans on favorable terms. Some companies grant unlimited special repayments, while others limit them to a few per year. The bank credit check has shown that the company also allows its customers special repayments – at any time and completely free of charge. Each credit institution sets its own lending guidelines under the Safe Lending Policy.

Bank loan

Bank loan

As one of the most traditional and largest retail banks in Germany, bank also offers a corresponding wide range of financing products. The following loans are available, which can be registered directly on the Internet: Particularly attractive is the online loan, which is also considered a classic loan of bank, because it is easy to apply for and free to use.

For anyone who wants to buy a new or used vehicle, without getting into financial difficulties, the online car loan is ideal. Potential borrowers can use this loan to quickly renovate or rebuild their own home. In addition, there are many other credit lines, such as the already widely awarded home loans or the Student Loan, which bank awards as one of the few credit institutions in Germany.

For all those who want to finance their university studies at private universities, without having to be active in this difficult and future-oriented time in addition to the actual course of study or financial problems, the student loan is ideal. The bank loans are included in our reconciliation and can be applied for. bank was initially the retail bank.

To help you focus on the essentials, we have summarized the important information and experiences surrounding bank direct Money for you. In our analysis, we not only rely on the experience of many of our clients on different evaluation platforms and the information provided by the provider on its website.

The direct money of bank is a short-term loan with a duration of two to six months and a loan amount of EUR 100 to EUR 3000.

The direct money of bank is a short-term loan with a duration of two to six <a href=months and a loan amount of EUR 100 to EUR 3000.” width=”521″ height=”327″ />

The direct money supply is thus between a usual short-term loan, with the repayment usually in a single tranche, and a conventional installment loan. The minimum loan amount is 100.00 EUR, the maximum limit is 3000 EUR.

You can choose further desired amounts in increments of 100.00 EUR each. Under which conditions is the direct money of the bank available? You can choose between two and six months as the loan term for bank’s direct money. However, the monthly installment must be at least 50.00 EUR, so that the duration of six months is only possible from a loan amount of 300.00 EUR.

As a rule, an express surcharge of 25.00 EUR will be charged for immediate payment. bank does not currently charge this extra charge if the Borrower uses Video Identification instead of the Postident method. In this case, you will receive your desired express credit note by 1 pm on the same day when you apply for money.

An example of borrowing at bank as express money: With a loan amount of EUR 300.00 and the choice of six monthly installments, the monthly remittance and repayment bill amounts to EUR 51.60 so that the loan incurs an interest charge of 9,60 EUR. Why can I spend bank’s direct money?

The purpose of the direct money does not have to be specified. Short-term loans are mainly used to pre-finance an issue until repayment by an insurance carrier and for settlement. However, the direct money can be used for any purpose.

How long is the expected processing time for direct money?

How long is the expected processing time for direct money?

If you do not select the express option, you will receive your credit within three to four business days. If you use the additional option, the transfer will be made on the day the application is received, provided that you submit the application by 13.00. bank imposes only a few conditions on the lender when applying:

In any case, the age limit is a legal requirement for the granting of a loan. Minimum wage of 601.00 EUR per month net. The bank also takes regular additional income into account when calculating income. In contrast to its traditional installment loans, bank does not always require the submission of statements of account for direct money, so that the submission of the current income statement is sufficient for the time being.

Experience has shown that bank usually requires new borrowers with a loan amount of EUR 1000.00 or more to present statements. Is it easy to find a loan from bank? For direct money, the number of rejections is lower than for a traditional installment loan from the same borrower. However, it increases with the requested amount of credit so that in particular loan amounts in the three-digit range are easy to obtain.

Experience has shown that in this case the bank is partly bound to the submission of the employment contract and thus to an indefinite employment relationship, while in general it is satisfied with the submission of the salary. In the application form you enter your desired loan amount, the desired preferential duration and your monthly net income.

If you enter inappropriate combination options such as a loan amount of EUR 100.00 for a four-month period, you will be informed about the error and can increase or repair the loan immediately. Is it possible to get a new direct loan loan before repaying the old one? No, everyone can only claim a single direct loan at a time and claim a new loan after it has been repaid.

In case of cancellation, you can check and check your application for bank direct deposit credit from an employee. And if I can not pay off the direct money on time? In this connection, contact the house bank before the payment becomes due. bank generally approves such applications, but requires a one-time fee of € 20.00 to € 40.00 to amend the repayment agreement, making the direct money loan massively more expensive.

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