Cheap interest rates on loans


Even property, plant and equipment, which at least partially covers the loan amount, affects the interest rate. “Loans with favorable interest rates, whether car loans or rescheduling, are at the forefront of our loan offerings, depending on the amount and interest rate of the new loan Investments: A low-interest loan can be found quickly through a comparison calculator.” The loan offers favorable interest rates and a long fixed-rate period.

Installment loan

Installment loan

The loan is repaid in constant, usually montal installments. The so-called monthly pension includes both an interest component and an amortization component. Each payout reduces the loan amount so that the repayment share increases in the entire installment. Calculation of the monthly pension: You pay a constant annual installment until the complete repayment of the loan, which results from the interest rate and the repayment rate as a percentage of the credit (nominal amount).

Example: The monthly installment for a $ 100,000 loan with a 5% interest rate and a 1% repayment rate is $ 500. The initial repayment rate can be specified by you. Over time, the interest portion of the installment decreases, while the repayment share increases due to the savings in interest expense. The interest payment is decided for a certain period of time, new conditions must be defined for a further period of time before the fixed interest expires.

For this, the house bank makes you a takeover bid, whose conditions depend on the then prevailing conditions on the market. Interest rates and conditionsThe most recent conditions can be found in our condition overview.

Low interest rates – now safe!

Low interest rates - now safe!

Record-low interest rates make the dream of your own home within reach. Thirty years ago, the interest rate was ten percentage points. There is the variation of a so-called forward loan, which provides planning security over many years. It is a follow-up financing program that enables customers to hedge the currently favorable conditions, even if they can only begin lending later.

Of course, this gives reassurance that you already know what interest rates you can expect in the coming years. You are taking out this loan today at a fixed rate. This is then not equal, but only paid at a specified time in the future – and thus replaces your existing mortgage loan.

This has the disadvantage that you do not have to worry about the rising interest rates because you have already fixed your interest. So you know for sure how high your quota will be in the coming years. The basic requirement is that the loan is secured in the cadastre. Of course, you can also receive follow-up financing from the same house bank.

A change or rescheduling often brings more favorable conditions. Even if one or two debtors could shy away from too much work. Forward loans are therefore follow-up financing to the currently favorable conditions that provide future security. Of course, a guess, since the interest rates at the time of financing can theoretically be lower.

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