Home: how to transform your living room into a cinema room with a personal loan?

A movie theater at home? A dream, a fantasy even for lovers of the 7th art, but rare are those who take the plunge.

However, it is possible! If you want to make a canvas in your living room rather than the cinema, follow this guide.

Treat yourself to high-end audio-video equipment

Treat yourself to high-end audio-video equipment

To get started, equip yourself with all the accessories and devices you need to enjoy a home theater :

  • a large 4K UHD TV screen (or a UHD 4K video projector) for optimal quality;

  • a 4K UHD Blu-ray player to play your movies and TV series in the best format;

  • a 5.1 or 7.1 Home Cinema audio system, in order to offer 6 or 8 sound channels (subwoofer, speakers, audio-video amplifier) ​​to produce enveloping sound.

High-end equipment requires a substantial budget: you can finance the equipment of your movie theater with a personal loan in order to smooth its cost over several months. In general, this type of loan is taken out over 1 to 5 years.

Soundproof your movie theater

Soundproof your movie theater

To optimize the sound rendering, but also to guarantee the sound insulation of the room, an acoustic treatment is essential. Behind your cinema screen, choose absorbent walls.

This type of insulation can also be installed on the back wall and extend over part of the side walls as well as part of the ceiling. For the rest of the walls and ceiling, opt for diffuser panels. In this way, you will avoid echo formation. For this, you can take out a work loan.

Lighting, a detail that counts!

Lighting, a detail that counts!

Certainly, the principle of a dark room is that it is dark. But do not overlook the importance of lighting and plan two separate circuits: one for lighting the room and another dedicated to mood lighting. This detail will enhance the decoration of your movie theater and ensure a subdued atmosphere without dazzling the viewer.

You can then opt for spotlights, wall lights or even small LEDs on the ceiling for a starry sky effect. By also using dimmers, the projection of the film can be prepared gradually like in the cinema.


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