New change at Hungarian banks, long-term lending is still strong! – Mortgages and mortgages

Many banks have modified mortgage rates in early autumn, offering new credit products to their customers.

Here are the steps of our big banks:


  • GFI Bank: Increased 50 basis points on 6-month, 5-year, 10-year, 20-year mortgage loans and consumer-friendly home loans. The floating rate mortgage loan with a 3-month interest rate period decreased by 9 basis points. The 12 month decline was 2 basis points.
  • B&L Bank: B&L’s 3-month floating rate mortgage loan also fell by 9 basis points.
  • Buddha Bank: The interest-bearing Equity Mortgage Loan (6 months) declined by 2 basis points.
  • Fyre Bank: Financial institution raises short-term mortgage rates by one point, down three-year by 7 points
  • Good Lender Bank: 1 basis point increase on 6-month mortgage loans.
  • GFI Bank: reduced the interest rate on its 15-year fixed-rate mortgage loan, reducing it by 64 or 66 basis points, depending on the discount package.
  • Good Finance Bank: Renewed its line of products with new fixed rate mortgages. In response to market competition, “Stable Interest” offers loans extending to all maturities, so not only 10/15/20 years, but already 5-20 years, whether market rate or consumer friendly.

The main features:


  • the interest rate is the same within the maturity bands.
  • market rates and consumer-friendly mortgages are exactly the same, except in the 9-10 year maturity band, where Qualified Credit is 5 basis points more favorable.

Good Finance’s floating rate loans are available from October 1st, and we can only apply for the new range from now on.

What is Good Finance’s innovation?

Interest rate fixation is achieved by choosing a longer interest period than the maturity itself.

“So, for example, if you want to take a mortgage for a fixed term of 16 years, you have to apply for a 20-year loan. This, in turn, means that we can borrow more expensive than the term chosen, ”the expert explains.

Fyre Bank : Provides a $ 70,000 credit over six weeks from September if you require at least $ 5 million in Qualified Consumer-Friendly Home Loans with 5 and 10 year interest rates or FIX’s 15 year term. Fyre’s 3-year GFI loan is not included in the bank’s offer.

Expert opinion:


There is almost no change in long-term interest rates, which is reflected in the pricing of both fixed and long-term (at least 5 years) mortgages. As the unpredictable global economic environment and the long-term rise in government bond yields are gaining ground, long-term and fixed-interest market and GFI loans are gaining ground. Several financial institutions and commercial banks have raised interest rates on these loans, raising long-term loans by 5 to 80 basis points.

According to the GFI, banks prefer to innovate in the area of ​​predictable fixed-rate loans, for example, to surprise their customers with new products or credits, or with interest bonuses.

We do not expect any major changes in short or long term interest rates in the next 1-3 months!

The changes are determined by the international economic situation, so it is worth keeping an eye on the global international shifts as well as the Hungarian government bond yields.

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